New toy! HP Proliant Microserver gen8!

Now I’ve added, once again in my life (lmao), an enterprise solution to my home network storage.

Also, I got a UPS to keep things up in case of electric grid failure, a managed gigabit switch (also from HP) to help me now that I’ve got gigabit everywhere! ( except for my ISP :/ ).

The UPS can hold all my network gear and the server for 20 minutes, enough to turn the server off, and then try to get more than 30 minutes of internet with no power lol

My 8TB WD HDD is init now, alongside my 2TB seagate SSD and two 500gb wd HDD in a raid0 config (A Dell raid card in the pci slot).

Here’s a print of the solution (trueNAS – freeBSD based):

Since my tplink router does accept LACP ethernet bonding (Link Aggregation), I’ve setup my truenas to do so, and now the lagg0 interface have 2gbps of bandwith, which allows to have like 1gbps on the downstream and 1gbps on the upstream with low latency, or some services using the nic0 and others the nic1.

I’m booting from a emmc to usb SSD stick, there is a SD card available but it’s more for esxi solutions, truenas does use a lot of system I/O.

I’ve even printed a 3d holder for the raid0 config on the pci card:

This Proliant Microserver is fast enough for NAS (and torrenting…) and it does not make much noise. Now I’ll see what I’m gonna do with the pi4 lelz