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  • So far, watchOS 10 have more UI changes than iOS 17

    Still going into all features but I can tell that the watchOS got more attention in this update.

  • Excited for new iOS and WatchOS today!

    Hope it solve some issues and lag. I’ll do a clean install here xD Update: Let’s gooooo

  • Now I’m doing it right! Server rack!

    It’s a wallmount type, good enough for my use.

  • How to setup qBittorrent SMB share on TrueNAS CORE with Jails

    Quite simple! Navigate to Accounts → Groups and add the following groups. GID 850 Name qbittorrent Samba Authentication unchecked Navigate to Accounts → Users and add the following users. Full Name qBittorrent Username qbittorrent User ID 850 New Primary Group unchecked Primary Group qbittorrent Primary Group qbittorrent Disable Password Yes Shell nologin Samba Authentication unchecked Navigate to Storage → Pools and add the datasets and permissions. We’ll…

  • New toy! HP Proliant Microserver gen8!

    Now I’ve added, once again in my life (lmao), an enterprise solution to my home network storage. Also, I got a UPS to keep things up in case of electric grid failure, a managed gigabit switch (also from HP) to help me now that I’ve got gigabit everywhere! ( except for my ISP :/ ).…

  • What is SDLC?

    Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) is a step-by-step process that software developers use to create high-quality software applications. The SDLC process involves several stages including planning, design, development, testing, deployment and maintenance. In this post, we will discuss each phase of the SDLC and its importance in the software development process. In conclusion, the SDLC…

  • Unit Test…

    Unit testing is an essential practice in software development that helps ensure the quality of code and increases confidence in software systems. In this blog post, we will explore the basics of unit testing and why it is important in software development. What is a unit test? A unit test is a test that checks…

  • I’m blocking .zip domains and here’s why:

    If you also want to block .zip domains, I recommend (and I use) nextDNS. That’s it folks! \o

  • Just upgraded my NAS!

    Added a 8TB drive (a WD easystore) usb 3.0. Now, I’ve moved all the data from the 2TB to the 8TB, and set the 2TB disk for my Time Machine backups… easy! Here how the setup looks like (Ignore the nintendo wii xD):

  • Docker… why did I never used it before….

    Now, I have a lot! (This blog is running in a docker container!).