I’ve leveled up… now I have the “wanvelar”!

Well, since I got the proliant microserver gen8, I’ve tested a lot of oses init, and now I got it running windows server 2016 (with a legit license that I got back in school), so my raspberry pi 4 B was kinda idle… but no more.

I got it running OpenWRT and now I called it Wanvelar:

Is it overkill? Absolutely, but now the fiber goes to my ISP modem, and then to my pi4 ‘wan’ port, that acts as the PPPoE auth and as the DHCP server, as well as router and other stuff… then I got some cat8 patch cords and it goes from my pi4 ‘lan’ port to my HP Switch 1820 8G J9979A, and finally goes to my server and to my TP-Link AX73 that is now set as AP.

The patch cords are so… beautiful! <3

Well… that’s it!