Category: Security

  • Want to see how fast your hardware is… to freeze itself?

    Check this C++ memoryLeak code… my m1 pro macbook pro took like 1 sec to fill (arm cpu in this is fast AF), while my pi4 took more than 10 minutes.

  • The best Windows XP iso ever!

    Did you ever had to install windows XP in a Virtual Machine to use a specific software or deal with ssl certificate erros on iLO’s/iDracs? Here the best Windows XP for that! I does also have many drivers for bare metal installations! Thumb’s up to Ramsey Nick for the outstanding work!

  • I’ve leveled up… now I have the “wanvelar”!

    Well, since I got the proliant microserver gen8, I’ve tested a lot of oses init, and now I got it running windows server 2016 (with a legit license that I got back in school), so my raspberry pi 4 B was kinda idle… but no more. I got it running OpenWRT and now I called…

  • I’m blocking .zip domains and here’s why:

    If you also want to block .zip domains, I recommend (and I use) nextDNS. That’s it folks! \o