Lot’s of things at work… not much time left to write here…

But here’s some news:

  • Got the Pokemon Violet DLC, loving it!
  • Still din’t finished TOTK.
  • Decided to rollback my NAS from trueNAS to OMV, and then to ESXi with windows server VM’s, did this because of sure, I can (and a little about performance from the ZFS on the ESXi vmfs disks…).
  • Now I have a VM just for the NAS, and other one just for the Torrent.
  • Moved, and then got a 2 meters long desk.
  • Got a new CPU for my server, hope it work fine (its a 70w tdp cpu, and the passive heatsink is for 50w tdp lmao).

That’s it for now. \o